End Grain Cutting Board - "Organized Chaos" (12”x18”)

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Introducing our End Grain Organized Chaos Cutting Board, a stunning and unique addition to your kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. Handcrafted in our small workshop, this cutting board is made with premium quality hardwoods including rich walnut, light maple, classic cherry, and striking padauk. The stunning pattern, which is a blend of the various wood species, creates an organized chaos that is visually striking and captivating.

What sets this cutting board apart is the addition of a walnut frame, which not only enhances the beauty of the board but also helps keep the organized chaos in check. Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses, each board is custom-made to order, with careful attention paid to every detail.

Our End Grain Organized Chaos Cutting Board is designed to be both durable and gentle on your knives. The end grain construction provides a forgiving cutting surface that helps keep your knives sharp, while the unique pattern and walnut frame make it a true statement piece in your kitchen.

Due to the extra work involved in crafting this special cutting board, it is available as a custom order only. Contact us today to order your very own End Grain Organized Chaos Cutting Board and experience the perfect combination of beauty and functionality in your kitchen.

Please note that our products may take 1-4 weeks to ship as we custom build our boards to your preference.  We do sometimes have pre-made boards available; please contact us for details.

Size: 12”x18”

Always hand-wash your wood cutting board. Never put a wood board or other wood items (like salad bowls and spoons) in the dishwasher or submerge them in a sink full of water because they’ll warp and/or crack.

If you can’t clean your board right after preparing food, just leave it on your counter until you can get to it. In some situations, you may not even need to wash it. If you’ve only sliced bread, just brush away the crumbs or wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth or paper towel.

If your board does need cleaning, first gently remove any stuck-on bits of food using a bench scraper or metal spatula. If there are any stubborn stains, you can create a slurry of baking soda and water and gently rub the mixture onto the board using a Scotch-Brite sponge.

Gently scrub your board with a sponge and hot, soapy water (we recommend using a mild unscented dish soap, such as Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dish Liquid). It’s important to wash both sides of the board (even if you chopped on only one side) to prevent it from drying unevenly, which could cause the board to warp.

Rinse the board and dry it thoroughly with a clean dish towel or paper towels. Stand it upright on your counter to prevent any residual water from pooling, and let it air-dry completely before you store it.

Thank you for your order! Please note that most of our products are custom and made-to-order, so they may require a processing time of 1-3 weeks. We carefully craft each item with attention to detail to ensure its quality. Once your order is ready, we will ship it to you promptly, and you will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking information. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to deliver exceptional handmade products to you.